Removing Unwanted and Hazardous Trees Safely

Depend on us for professional tree removal services in and around Arvada, CO

Maybe you need to have a diseased tree removed before it infects the rest of your trees. Or maybe you're worried about a tree that's growing dangerously close to your house. No matter what kind of tree problems you're dealing with, you can rely on us for safe and efficient tree removal services.

Make Tree Worx your professional tree removal company of choice in Arvada, CO. To arrange for service, call 303-503-5315 now.

Our tree removal process at a glance

When you hire us for tree removal services, our crew will:

  • Give you a free estimate
  • Communicate with local officials about removal procedures, if necessary
  • Keep you informed throughout the process
  • Remove the tree carefully and safely from the top down
  • Recycle the lumber and clean up debris

We can also convert the tree into mulch for you to use in your yard. If you have any questions about our professional tree removal process, we'll be happy to answer them. Contact us today to learn more.